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Clothes Mentor is always looking for individuals with amazing customer service skills that also have a passion for fashion. If you are interested in working with a fun group of people, great customers and our ever-changing inventory, you are in the right place.


1. Click the link below to see all open positions at our Resale company.

2. Find the job you're interested in by filtering by location or job title.

3. Fill out the online application and submit.




    We're not like other jobs.

    We're a cool job. We're a sustainable business model. We're hyper-local before being local was cool, because we buy & sell to people in our very own community. We're family-owned, we offer PTO and insurance and a 401k + match. We're off on major holidays and our hours are reasonable.

    Working for us is fun, easy & more importantly, a feel-good experience. We're making a difference.

    Come be a part of it. Apply to work with us now.

    Clothes Mentor Upper Arlington OH

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